Pemeran Di Wedding Agreement

Pemeran di Wedding Agreement: The Stars Behind the Blockbuster Movie

Wedding Agreement, a 2019 romantic drama film directed by Archie Hekagery and produced by Starvision Plus, was a huge hit in Indonesia. The film starred two of the most popular actors in the country, Reza Rahadian and Indah Permatasari, who played the lead roles of Tari and Bian. The movie was not only a commercial success but also received critical acclaim for its portrayal of the complexities of love, marriage, and family.

One of the reasons for the movie`s success was the talented cast that brought the story to life. The actors` performances were praised for their emotional depth, authenticity, and chemistry, which made the audience relate to and root for the characters.

Reza Rahadian, who played the male lead, Bian, is a well-known actor in Indonesia. He has won several awards and nominations for his work, including the Best Actor award at the Indonesian Film Festival 2016 for his role in the movie, Love for Sale. In Wedding Agreement, he played a successful businessman who is forced to marry Tari to fulfill his grandfather`s wish. His character evolves throughout the movie, from a selfish and cold-hearted person to a caring husband, who falls in love with Tari.

Indah Permatasari, who played the female lead, Tari, is also a popular actor in Indonesia. She has acted in several TV shows and movies, including Dear Nathan: Hello Salma and Si Doel The Movie. In Wedding Agreement, she played a strong-willed, independent woman forced into a marriage with Bian. Her character struggles to balance her career aspirations with her new role as a wife, and eventually learns to love Bian despite their unconventional marriage arrangement.

Other notable actors in the movie include Aghniny Haque, Refal Hady, and Ria Irawan, who played supporting roles. Aghniny was praised for her performance as Ami, Bian`s former girlfriend, who creates problems for the newlyweds. Refal Hady played Aldi, Tari`s colleague and friend, who secretly loves her. Ria Irawan played Tari`s mother, who encourages her daughter to go through with the wedding agreement, despite the challenges she faces.

In conclusion, Wedding Agreement was a successful movie due to the talented cast that brought the story to life. Reza Rahadian and Indah Permatasari`s performances were particularly noteworthy, as they portrayed complex characters with depth and authenticity. The movie`s success has cemented the actors` place as some of the most talented and popular performers in Indonesia today.

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